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About Wine Press Northwest

Wine Press Northwest is a quarterly magazine for those with an interest in wine -- from the novice to the veteran. We publish in March, June, September and December.

We focus on Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia's talented winemakers and the wineries, vintners and restaurants that showcase Northwest wines. We are dedicated to all who savor the fruits of their labor.

Contacting Wine Press Northwest

Street/mailing address/shipping address:
333 W. Canal Drive
Kennewick, WA 99336

Andy Perdue, editor-in-chief
Phone: 509-582-1564
Fax: 509-585-7221
E-mail: editor@winepressnw.com

Eric Degerman, managing editor
Phone: 509-582-1404
Fax: 509-585-7221
E-mail: edegerman@winepressnw.com

Parker Hodge
Phone: 509-585-7257
E-mail: phodge@tricityherald.com

Wine evaluation methods

Wines are evaluated under strict conditions to ensure objectivity. Northwest wineries submit wines for evaluation by Wine Press Northwest's tasting panel. After wines are received, they are stored for at least two weeks by a third party, who serves them "single blind," meaning the tasting panelists know the variety but not the producer. In addition, the panelists are served glasses of wine and are not able to view the bottles or their shapes prior to tasting.

Price is not a consideration in these evaluations, nor is a winery's advertising activity with Wine Press Northwest, as the magazine's editorial/wine evaluation activities and advertising/marketing efforts are kept strictly separate.

The Wine Press Northwest tasting panel includes Coke Roth, an international wine judge; Ken Robertson, a longtime Northwest wine writer and professional judge; Eric Degerman, the magazine's managing editor; and Andy Perdue, the magazine's editor-in-chief. Hank Sauer conducts the evaluations and ensures their integrity.

On rare occasions, wines are tasted open. When that occurs, it is noted in the review. The panel has a combination of technical and consumer palates. If at least three of the four panelists consider a wine technically sound and commercially acceptable, it is included here as "Recommended." If three panelists consider a wine especially exemplary, it is awarded our top "Outstanding" rating. Wines considered unacceptable by the panel are rejected and not included. Reviews are grouped by variety or style and listed alphabetically by winery. Prices listed are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated.

At least once per issue, Wine Press Northwest conducts a single-blind peer-group judging, meaning the panel knows the variety but not the producer. For example, we will look at Northwest Merlot as a group, so we will conduct a large tasting that includes only Merlot. In this instance, we know the wine is Merlot, but we don't know who made the wine until we are finished with the judging and all scoring is tabulated. Changes to scoring are not made after producers are revealed.

How to submit wines

If you are a Northwest winery and would like to submit wines to Wine Press Northwest's tasting panel, send two bottles of each wine to our shipping address above. Feel free to submit wines whenever they are released. Wineries also are encouraged to send us pre-released wines as long as we are receiving the bottling that will go to the public (no barrel samples unless specifically requested), and the wines will be available when the next issue of the magazine is published.