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Thursday, Sep. 01, 2011

Umpqua Valley grapes look better than 2010

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- While folks in the Willamette Valley are even less than optimistic about this year's vintage than that of 2010, the news coming out of Southern Oregon isn't nearly as dire.

Patrick Spangler, of Spangler Vineyards in Roseburg, supplied the following report on Aug. 31 from the Umpqua Valley:

"We started verasion late last week, and now are starting to show color through most of the vineyard. Keep in mind, this is Cab Sauv I'm talking about. That only leaves us around 12 days behind the 10-year average here at my vineyard, and a few days AHEAD of last year.

"I think folks are getting way ahead of themselves predicting a bad year," he continued. "If we simply get decent weather the rest of the way (they continue to forecast slightly warmer and drier), Southern Oregon will not have a problem."

Spangler concluded, "In fact, if it is dry throughout October, it could turn out to be a great year."

Here's an interview of a tour that Spangler gave me of his Syrah vineyard in 2009: