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Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010

This week's Northwest Winecast features a visit with Walter Gehringer at Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery in Oliver, British Columbia.

We caught up with Walter on Thursday, Oct. 7 at their vineyard along B.C.'s famed Golden Mile.

Walter, and his brother, Gordon, have followed up on research and work done in the 1970s by their father, Helmut, and his brother, Karl. They craft up to 22 wines each year, primarily with fruit from their estate vineyards, which were first planted in 1981. They began producing wines from their Dry Rock Vineyard in 1997.

Each year, Gehringer Brothers ranks among the premier wineries in the Northwest. They have earned 14 Platinums from Wine Press Northwest during the 10-year history of our "Best of the Best" competition. Only one other winery has won more.