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Monday, Sep. 13, 2010

Dundee Hills vineyard 3 weeks behind schedule

DUNDEE, Ore. — A number of veteran grape growers and winemakers in the Northwest hope the harvest of 2010 will replicate that of 1999 and produce wines of similar historic quality.

The key for this year will be if the rest of September and all of October match that Indian summer of 11 years ago.

Today, Torii Mor Winery reported that its estate Olson Vineyard in the Dundee Hills is three weeks behind normal.

"After a cool spring and summer, the grapes are finally starting to change color…veraison has started at Olson Vineyard," winemaker/vineyard manager Jacques Tardy wrote in an email. "The Dijon 667 clone is about 40% colored, the other blocks are only 10 to 20%. We are still about 3 weeks late and we are hoping for more 'warm weather.' "

Tardy added that he plans to get proactive in the vineyard as soon as possible.

"We will drop more fruit when 90% of the clusters have changed color (removing whatever is less than half colored)," he wrote. "This should even out the quality of the fruit and hopefully advance the picking date by a few days."