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Tuesday, Jul. 06, 2010

100 Great Northwest Wine Country Destinations

10 Great Northwest Destination Wineries
10 Great Northwest Tasting Rooms
10 Great Northwest Wine Country restaurants
10 Great Northwest Winery restaurants
10 Great Northwest Wine Country B&Bs
10 Great Northwest Wine Country hotels
10 Great Northwest Wine Country breakfasts
10 Great Northwest Wine Country Espresso Places
10 Great Northwest Wine Country picnic spots
10 Great Northwest Wine Country activities

The Pacific Northwest provides such a diversity of experiences for wine travelers, from the lush wooded regions of Western Oregon and Washington to the vast, stark steppe-shrub areas of Eastern Washington's Columbia Valley, from the fertile soils of Idaho's Snake River Valley to the wondrous lakes and hills of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

For this issue, we take on the task of identifying 100 Great Northwest Wine Destinations. Eric Degerman, Andy Perdue and Jon Bauer, editors of Wine Press Northwest and lifelong residents of the Pacific Northwest, put together 10 categories, then highlighted 10 places in each.

We used our experience from traveling through our region, but we also consulted winemakers, restaurateurs and fellow wine lovers on Facebook, Twitter and our weekly e-mail newsletter to determine which businesses we featured.

You will notice we avoided the big cities in our region, preferring to get into the suburban and rural areas where the majority of our wineries reside.

This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list. Rather, we would like you to use these 100 destinations as a starting point for exploring Northwest wine country. When you find other places you want to share with others, let us know via email or on Facebook so we can let others know.