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Saturday, Mar. 14, 2009

Washington: Walla Walla Valley

This multi-state appellation is in the southeast corner of Washington. The Walla Walla Valley is 300,000 acres in size with about 1,000 acres of wine grapes planted. It was established in 1984.

Notable Walla Walla vineyards

Pepper Bridge Vineyard: Norm McKibben has had his fingers in some of Washington's most significant winery and vineyard operations. He has been a partner in Hogue Cellars in Prosser and Canoe Ridge Vineyard in Walla Walla. In 1994, he purchased famed Seven Hills Vineyard, which is on the southern edge of the Walla Walla Valley. This was three years after he began planting Pepper Bridge Vineyard, which is near the Oregon border a few miles south of the city of Walla Walla. Since the first plantings, it has expanded to nearly 200 acres primarily planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Then in 1998, McKibben launched Pepper Bridge Winery. The winery averages 2,800 heat units per year.